Our Cuisine

Owner, Chef de Cuisine, Cultural and Food Anthropologist, and Educator,
Stephen Ewen, M.Ed.

Chef de Cuisine Stephen Ewen (left) and
Sous Chef Samuel Ewen (right). A Private Chef event serving  gourmet Ahi Tuna Tacos

Tearing down a whole grilled animal at a catering event

What We Believe
Northwoods Catering believes that food can be about so much more than just sitting for a shared meal. It can be about connecting with family, friends, and guests familiar and new. It can be about captivating, joyous, generous, delicious, and emotionally-felt moments that reaffirm the ties that bind us and inspire us to enlarge and deepen those ties. We believe that a special shared meal is ultimately about building memory, can be unforgettable, even a milepost in our life's journey. We gear all of our efforts to that exact end!

What We Do
We custom cater global and local cuisines from buffets, elegantly plated gourmet, best-you-ever-had farm-to-table, 100% authentic ethnic cuisines, masterful BBQ and whole animals, so-delish vegan, and much more. With us, every menu is your menu designed in close consultation with you. Whether at a wedding, special party or corporate event, or a backyard BBQ, we serve all of Wisconsin and surrounding states. Often, you will find ingredients in your dishes that come from Chef Steve's private organic garden! We are also available worldwide as your own private chefs and as menu consultants to the restaurant industry. 

What We DON'T Do
Unlike most caterers, we don't prepare food off-site and haul it miles down the road in insulated boxes. That is because we refuse to serve the sort of degraded food that unavoidably results. If your venue lacks a kitchen, we will bring in a mobile one. Our cuisine standards mean we may cost some more, but you and your guests are sure to be delighted! 

Connect With Us!
Chef Steve and his superstar staff look forward to customizing a menu and service package for your event. Let's begin a conversation!