Our Staff

Stephen Ewen, M.Ed.
Executive Chef & Chef de Cuisine
A culinary prodigy, at just age nineteen Chef Steve became second-in-command in a high-end restaurant kitchen. With now over three decades of well-travelled experience, he is a rare-to-find combination of expert chef, cultural and food anthropologist, and educator. His culinary passions are deeply learned, deeply experienced, personally felt, and span all global and U.S. cuisines.

Samuel Ewen
Sous Chef de Cuisine
Chef Sam began his culinary journey while standing on a stepstool in his father's kitchen. He later brought his skills into restaurants. An amazing chef in his own right, he is a commanding presence in every kitchen. Like his father, his culinary passions span the globe and U.S. He also has special interests in Asian, Latin American, Pacific Island, and European cuisines.

Aaron Ewen
Chef de Partie & Patissier
Like his older brother, Chef Aaron started his culinary journey while standing on a stepstool in his father's kitchen. His inquisitive nature has led him toward a passion for the science and chemistry of food yuminess. While at the same time broadly skilled, he applies his signature culinary artistries to his wizardly commands of pastry, fermentation, and gastronomy.

Staff Team
Kitchen & Service
We employ a trusted superstar food service captain who works back-to-front ends with equal skill, several trusted kitchen and food service assistants, and cleanup personnel. We may additionally tap nearby culinary schools and restaurant-employed kitchen and service staff, as needed. All of our top talent were hard to come by and they deserve every cent of their top pay.