About Us

Chef Steve Ewen

Northwoods Catering believes that food is about much more than sitting for a shared meal. It is about connecting with family, friends, and guests old and new. It is about captivating, joyous, generous, delicious, and emotional moments that reaffirm the ties that bind us and inspire us to enlarge those ties. We believe that a special shared meal should be so magical that it is unforgettable.

After rapidly ascending as a culinary youth prodigy in the restaurant industry, Chef Steve Ewen now serves world-class international and best-you-ever-had local cuisines from his decades of richly-traveled culinary experiences and expertise. He does this through Northwoods Catering alongside his chef adult sons and superstar staff. We travel throughout Wisconsin and surrounding states to serve feasts that far exceed your expectations while accommodating your dietary and budgetary requirements.

Every step we take is customized one-on-one with you. We look forward to customizing a menu and package for your event!

La Brigade de Cuisine

STEVE EWEN - Executive Chef and Head Chef - The working masterchef who is head of all cuisine and food service at the event.

SAM EWEN - Sous Chef - Masterfully carries out assignments from the head chef while being entrusted to make independent culinary decisions. Second in command in the kitchen.

AARON EWEN - Pastry Chef and Station Chef - Master off all things related to dough and other assigned dishes.

STAFF CHEFS - If needed due to event size, we have additional chef staff who we trust and who have many years experience, including formal culinary degrees and training overseas, who we pay well.

WAITSTAFF - If you wish formal plated dining or your buffet event is large, Northwoods Catering maintains a core of exceptional and very selectively chosen waitstaff who we pay well.