Our Team

The unique tapestry of skills and perspectives among our team is top in not only Wisconsin but anywhere.

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Stephen Ewen, M.Ed., CFPM
Executive Chef, Owner,
Chef de Cuisine

Chef Stephen is a chef, cultural anthropologist, and educator. His 40 years of well-traveled experience, signature styles, leadership, and staff bring all global and local cuisines to life. 

Samuel Ewen
Sous-Chef de Cuisine,
Cuisine Manager

Chef Samuel is a first-line manager who is uniquely skilled at specialized culinary domains (e.g., all meats, ethnic). He grew up learning in his father's kitchen and then entered restaurants.

Abigail Dedic
Chef de Partie,
Food Service Manager

Chef Abigail is uniquely skilled at specialized culinary domains (e.g., pastry and desserts) plus kitchen and food service management. She honed her impressive range in the food service industry.

Savanah Ewen
Garde Manager, Charcutier,
Food Service Specialist

Chef Savannah's sophisticated palate and signature touches see cuisine as art, adventure, and happiness. Her culinary journey began at home and now extends into all aspects of food magic.

Aaron Ewen

Chef Aaron sees cuisine as deliciousness born of chemistry and the spice of philosophy, often involving fermentation and gastronomy. His unique path started in his father's kitchen.

Ashley Nacius
Tournant and Aboyeur,
Food Service Specialist

Ashley is a consummate food service and event professional and doubles as an assistant chef. She gained her expertise in the event, food service, and restaurant supply industries.

Interns II
Kitchen, Food Service,
Clean-Up, Etc.

We have numerous carefully selected regional high aptitude interns on staff. Most of them are in-team couples. We train and pay them very well and it can become a career-starter for them.

Interns I
Kitchen, Food Service,
Clean-Up, Etc.

We take on regional paid interns in both the food service and kitchen areas, whether fresh from schools or just from their personal interests. We train and pay them well for advancement.

Although culinary work can be exceptionally hard, our team works smoothly together as a team amid peaceful, friendly, and often mentoring relationships. While we function under traditional titles, our model is much more flat and cooperative than under a strict command-and-control "yes chef!" hierarchy. Clients often comment, "Why don't I hear any yelling in the kitchen?"