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"Do you have any wedding venue selection advice?"

We advise you to select your caterer and menu before finalizing your venue. Although we are experienced at catering at venues ranging from the most posh indoor resorts to the most rustic outdoors ones, your venue necessarily delimits your menu and service style options. Our expertise allows us to assist you in selecting a venue that not only aligns with your preferences but also saves you overall costs.

"I've never hired a caterer before. Can you help me understand key things?"

It's crucial to distinguish between the three types of caterers:

Ask all potential caterers these questions to find out which sort they are

"How much do couples normally spend on wedding catering?"

The national average is $75 per person. Recognizing that memories of weddings are often tied to not only the love shared but an exceptional dining experience, many couples choose to invest $100 or more per guest on cuisine. However, we understand that menus, venues, events, locations, and budgets differ. Some couples opt to reduce their guest count to ensure a truly memorable dining experience. Reach out in all cases.

What differentiates bespoke catering from other catering options or going out to eat at a restaurant or ordering take-out?

Clients find the investment in bespoke catering to be incredibly worthwhile for the unparalleled experience, attention to detail, and the ability to create a truly unique and memorable culinary event.

How do we go about determining our custom menu

Creating a bespoke menu in collaboration with you is a process that begins with a consultation. During this session, we pose thoughtful questions, attentively listen, and suggest menu ideas. Our consultations are complimentary, relaxed, conversational, and span from 30 to 90 minutes. 

What sorts of questions do you ask during a consultation

As a bespoke catering company, and if the event is a wedding, the first question we typically ask is "what sorts of food did you grow up eating and what do you like to eat now?" We also like to ask questions such as "how did you two meet?" and "where is a place that holds significance for you?" By asking these sorts of questions and others, we can reflect a client’s story in the food. For non-wedding clients, our approach is more straightforward. 

How do I book you and how do retainers and payments work?

Booking us for catering involves several steps: 

As private chefs or menu consultants, the arrangements are case-specific.

Can I see pre-made menus with predetermined prices? 

Although we provide past custom menu examples as a reference, these offer only a glimpse into our global culinary range. As bespoke caterers, each menu we present is uniquely crafted through collaborative consultation with you, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable dining experience. Prices are determined by your menu, the amenities at your venue, your event's location, and your desired service style. 

Do you offer tastings?

Chef-caterers specializing in bespoke menus, like us, don't offer traditional tastings. Truck-It-In Caterers, which we are not, typically very much want you to do a tasting because what they will be arriving with at your event will not be as fresh or good. 

We encourage you to explore us through our photos and reviews and by talking with us. If you wish to experience our cuisine firsthand before hiring us to cater your event, consider hiring us as private chefs for a small gathering. Alternatively, when possible, we can extend an invitation for you to dine at no cost during a catering event in your area, allowing you to savor our cuisine and watch us in action in a real-world setting.

Where do you cook your food?

As chef-caterers who serve bespoke menus, we diverge from the common catering practice of preparing food off-site and transporting it to events in insulated boxes. We prepare cuisine on site on the day of your event. Although this approach may involve higher costs for you and extended hours for our team, we firmly believe that the superior quality of our cuisine justifies this commitment to excellence.

Can you help me understand catering service styles?

Our explainer will guide you through service style options. During our initial consultation, we will discuss the best fit for your menu, venue, and event. 

How many events can you schedule per week?

To ensure an unforgettable experience, we book only one major catering event per week and give it our exclusive devotion. Much goes on before the actual day of your occasion.

Do you have any hidden fees? Do you charge for travel? How do you handle venue costs? 

Our concern is cuisine and people. We believe in transparency and simplicity and are not the sort of caterers who pad up their per-diner price with bulked up fees. Staffing and cleanup costs are all covered. Serving-ware costs are passed through dollar-for-dollar. For any overnight travel, we charge only the minimal reimbursement rates allowable by the IRS. We pass along venue charges leveled toward us straight to you, if any apply. A standard 2.9% bankcard processing fee applies if you pay that way. State sales tax is, of course, part-and-parcel.  

Once you receive our retainer, how does communication work?

Once you hire us, we are available via email, text, or phone within a 24 hour turnaround time, usually much less. During the week leading up to your event we will be more difficult to reach because we are very hard at work for you.

How do I estimate the number of diners at my event?

We suggest this formula:

(number of out-of-town invited guests x 75%) + (number of local invited guests x 90%) = estimated guest count 

We accommodate unexpected variations of around 10% without concern. Our goal is to make the entire process as stress-free as possible for you. 

What are the three most common comments you hear at events you cater?

"This is everything we hoped it would be and more!"

"This is by far the best food I have ever had at a wedding!"

"You and your team go above and beyond!"

Where are you based out of?

We operate throughout Wisconsin, neighboring states, and nationally and internationally. Our bases are in the Milwaukee, Wausau, Rhinelander, and Eagle River areas, and we are developing operational bases in South Florida and Pacific-Asia. 

What about bargain-priced whole animal and BBQ caterers? What's the difference between you and them?

Expert Pit-Master/Chef Whole Animal and BBQ Caterers: This is us

Bargain Whole Animal and BBQ Caterers

Are you available as private chefs?

Hiring us as private chefs enables us to lavish exquisite attention on the smallest details, ensuring a level of culinary excellence that can be challenging to fully replicate for large catered events. Whether for one day or a month or more, we'd be delighted to discuss and customize every aspect. Your experience will be truly exceptional and we travel worldwide. 

Can you work with our wedding planner?

Planners are not usually the contracting party so we prefer to streamline catering between just you and us. We amicably coordinate and keep close contact with planners in all cases. 

Can you do events that span more than one day?

We offer package deals for multi-day events, such as a Friday dinner, Saturday brunch, dinner, and late-night refreshments, followed by Sunday brunch, or some combination thereof, up to one month in duration. 

What is Chef Steve's favorite professional book recently?

Unreasonable Hospitality: the Remarkable Power of Giving People More than they Expect by chef-author Will Guidar. It explains our philosophy of exceeding expectations at every event.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

Our cancellation and rescheduling policies are industry standard. The earlier you cancel or reschedule, the less of a strain it is for both of us. We mutually agree to gracefully accept losses in case of unforeseen catastrophe. Our catering contract explains details.

Are there any venues you won't cater to?

We avoid events where fire safety occupancy limits will be exceeded or when there are other non-remediable safety concerns.

Are you certified in food safety and do you carry insurance?

Chef Steve is a certified ServeSafe® Food Protection Manager. His company is an LLC and carries $1-million liability insurance.

Can you consult on my restaurant's menu?

Chef Steve's culinary expertise and local and global cultural knowledge can be the exact thing you need to create a perfect menu for your target clientele. As a chef-educator, he is also available to train staff.

Do you offer discounts?

As much as we love cuisine, we love people more. Around once per year we cater an event at a discount, at our cost alone, or for free. Past situations have included struggling nonprofits, families with a very ill member, volunteer-run community organizations, and first responder and other essential worker groups. We consider any special circumstance. 

Can you fill a freezer with a month's worth of delicious frozen meals?

Yes, we can pack a freezer with delicious ready-to-heat custom meals. It will cost significantly more than buying frozen meals at a grocery store because more goes into them. We are well trained and experienced at meeting dietary requirements. 

Can you prepare only the meat at our event?

We focus on on-site custom catering and don't normally cook "just the meat" for potlucks. 

Do you offer delivery/drop-off? 

On rare days when we are not already booked, we can provide a limited BBQ menu to a nearby event.