Every menu is a custom menu designed in close consultation with you, from elegantly plated gourmet, best-you-ever-had farm-to-table and local favorites, 100% authentic ethnic, competition-class BBQ and whole animals, traditional or healthy comfort foods, so-delish vegan, and much more. Our culinary repertoire and service styles are endless whether at a wedding, party, business event, or family celebration. We serve all of Wisconsin and surrounding states and are also available worldwide as unique private chefs.

Plated Gourmet

Farm-To-Table Buffets

Competition-Class BBQ

Best Ever Local Favorites

Whole Animals

Mexican & South American

Local & Global Seafood



Italian / Sicilian


Southeast Asian, Chinese, Filipino, & Pacific Islands

Indian & Southern Asian

Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Horn of Africa

Mediterranean & Greek

Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto, Gluten-Free

Specialty Sandwiches,
Burgers, Sausages

Hearty Brunches and Breakfasts

Standout Salads

Amazing Soups

Hors d'oeuvres / Tapas


Decadent Desserts & Beverages

Wherever in the World You Wish Your Taste Buds to Go!