Our Service Styles

Available service styles are informed by your venue's amenities.


Hybrid style is frequently the best option with custom catering, such as ours. An event involving higher-end cuisine may combine staff-passed appetizers, staffed food stations, a self-serve buffet, and an individually plated dessert. VIP formal seated dining coupled with a buffet or related options for other guests is also a possibility. A whole animal feast may couple an outdoor buffet with a chef-staffed carving station. As always, we will advise you of your options with our best advice.

Elegantly Plated Individual Seated Dining

An elegant multi-course and gorgeous gourmet meal is served by attentive waitstaff professionals. Portions are uniform and satisfying.

Formal Family Style Dining

Attentive servers bring multi-course platters to each table instead of individual plates. Diners pick-and-choose food while conversing, as they might at a family dinner table. All-you-can-eat is usually expected by diners.

Food Stations

Food is served from staffed stations. Meat might be carved to order, or a custom omelette, smoothie, or salad made, etc. Stations may be accompanied by a self-serve buffet line for sides.

Formal or Semi-Formal Buffet

All-you-can-eat and occasionally portioned cuisine is attractively served from a closely monitored and decorated self-serve buffet line. Elegant chafing is usually used. Elegant disposable or non-disposable plating and flatware are both options. Dishes are explained.

Outdoor Buffet

All-you-can-eat cuisine is served on a closely monitored self-serve buffet line from typically disposable chafing on to disposable plating with disposable flatware. Dishes are explained. Quickly getting delish food to diners is the emphasis.

Private Chefs

Overnight stays and a provided food preparation site at a household or other venue are part-and-parcel.

Drop-and-Go at Event

Restaurants borrow the term "catering" to describe their mass drop-and-go food delivery service. This is not actual catering. With sufficient notice, we may be available for drop-and-go food delivery with a limited menu, e.g., BBQ, nearby our home base.

Home Freezer Meals

We can pack a freezer with a month's worth of absolutely delicious custom meals that meet dietary requirements. They are microwaveable or oven-ready.