Our Service Styles

Available service styles are informed by your venue's amenities


Attentive waitstaff serves a gourmet meal that is uniform and in a filling portion. 

Family Style

Diners pick-and-choose from served platters while socializing. This is not the best option for large crowds of unrelated people because diners may bring unsanitary behaviors. 


Carved-to-order meats and made-to-order dishes alongside a staffed buffet line.


Staffed and all-you-can-eat, tailored to your venue and menu. 


Appetizers are passed around by mingling staff.


Combines any or all of the serving styles. Often ideal for weddings.

Private Chef

Food preparation and service for under about 40 diners. We travel worldwide.


Delivery with a limited menu, e.g., BBQ, near our home base. We rarely do this.

Home Freezer

Involves packing a freezer with a month's worth of microwaveable or oven-ready delicious custom meals that meet dietary requirements.